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Platinum Medical Vacations Inc.

What is Platinum Medical Vacations ?

We are a medical tourism corporation dedicated to offering  patients high quality offshore options for elective medical procedures combined with a stellar travel experience. The net result is considerable cost savings and an excellent medical outcome.

What countries do you offer travel to ?

We are global in our reach: Latin and Central America, India, Asia, and Eastern Europe among others.

What packages do you offer?

We specialize in individual and small group trips.

Who will accompany me on the trip?

Group trips are accompanied by a Platinum employee, not individual trips...however for a additional fee, this can be arranged.

What medical procedures do your clients seek ?

Our medical tourism clients usually seek dental and plastic surgery procedures, everything from Botox to full face lifts, abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), mastopexy (breast lifts) and dental makeovers, including implants.An increasing area of interest from our clients is also joint replacement procedures...primarily knee and hip. The most common procedures are “elective” procedures, ones not covered by insurances, or where the out of pocket deductible costs are prohibitive.

What advantages does having these procedures done in a foreign country offer over having them performed here at home ?

Besides the obvious cost savings, there are many. Today, we are experiencing a global healthcare marketplace in medical tourism. Most of the physicians we obtain treatment plans from on your behalf are trained in the U.S.

Many are members of American Medical Societies, speak English and adhere to the highest international standards of medical care.The secondary advantage is the travel experience: rain forest tours, fine dining, cultural and museum tours, scuba etc., all in a beautiful location. Today it is possible for the first time to obtain a first class medical outcome and a first class adventure travel experience together, while saving 30% to 75% of the cost of the procedure alone at home. It’s what we do... better than anyone !

How do I get started ?

A informed medical tourism patient is our best client. We suggest seeing a local physician or dentist and have them counsel you on the procedure you are considering. Discuss all the risks and benefits...recovery times and all associated costs. Does their fee include anesthesia, hospital fees, all crowns , bridges and abutments ( regarding dental care ), etc. Go on the internet and do your research, then contact us.

What next ?

Simply contact us via email, tell us what kind of medical procedure and travel experience you desire in your preferred part of the world ( Brazilian beaches, Costa Rica rain forests, Panama nightlife, scuba in Phuket ) ...we obtain three treatment plans on your behalf-all from physicians that meet our rigid standards, and review our findings with you. You then select your own physician ...the choice is yours!

Then what?

You make your own decision on the treatment plan and physician,  place a deposit if you decide to move forward, and we take it from there.

We pair you with one of our nurse PA’s (patient advocates) when appropriate, depending on the treatment desired, to assist you and answer pertinent questions.

What if I change my mind after submitting a deposit?

All of the deposit is refunded,( minus a processing fee) travel and

hotel fees used are sometimes not refundable and subject to individual airline and hotel refund policies.

How much time shall I allow to be out of the country ?

It depends on the treatments required. Every patient’s requirement is different. Most plans are one to two weeks in length.

Do you take care of all my travel arrangements and hotels, etc. ?

Yes. Airline, hotels, and tours, as well as your medical and dental plans, are all taken care of for you ( or you can make your own travel plans if you wish ).

Are you doctors?

No. However, our founders are specialists and have worked and consulted with internationally recognized leaders in medicine for over 25 years. They have worked with a former Dean of Harvard Medical school, physicians from the Cleveland Clinic and St. Luke’s Rush Presbyterian, and even the doctor who assembled David Letterman’s coronary bypass surgical team in New York. These physicians have been on advisory boards on what are referred to as Phase IV Clinical Trials overseeing thousands of physicians and publishing Trial results in the most prestigious medical journals in the world. We are serious about our endeavors... and yours!

Have you had medical procedures performed in countries outside the U.S. ?

Yes, indeed, and quite successfully I might add

How shall I contact you to ask questions and get started?

E-mail is best, however our telephone number is 862.686.1484.

E-mail us at

Healthy travels! ... Platinum Medical Vacations Inc.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements with physicians and destination of your own choosing...we will send you (via email) our DESTINATION REPORT of  physicians that perform your desired procedure in the destination of your choosing for a fee of $100. (US Dollars). Simply click on the button below.


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